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miércoles, 17 de octubre de 2007

Where is the love??

the last class the teacher talk about the war and to save our big house....and she talked about the blog action day, so this is my part of the work to help the world to be a better place to live, this song represent to me a part of the world problems and in this video we can see how famous artist worries about world problems...
so lets recycling, carpooling, stop polluting, act, care, be awared and saving energy!!


lunes, 1 de octubre de 2007

Unit 11: It's a very exciting city!!

I live in Maracaibo, it’s a beautiful city, the people of different part of the world said that it’s very cheap, for me it’s not too bad; Maracaibo it’s a very hot city, however Maracaibo it’s dangerous and kind of dirty, sometimes it’s very boring because the entertainment it’s no too diversity and the night life it’s always the same, you only can go to disco.
I born in this city and I love live here because the people it’s very nice and friendly and the food it’s very good, you should taste, I don’t change my city for anything.
My favorite city in the world is Paris, but I haven’t gone yet, so my favorites cities around the world that I have visited are Freiburg in Germany and Strasbourg in France, they are similar cities, they are beautiful and clean, they are pretty safe too, so you can walk on the street late at night; they are relaxing cities, Strasbourg it’s expensive but Freiburg it’s cheap, the night life is good, you can go to the disco or a coffee or you can go to the theater or walk to the downtown. When the winter arrives both cities are really cold and you can also see and feel the snow.

Unit 9: What does he look like??

Hi, my name is Andrea Arteaga but everybody calls me Andre, I’m 18 years old, I’m From Maracaibo and I study Laws at URBE, I’m fairly short and thin with long and frizzy brown hair; I have brown eyes and tanned skin.
I love music, meet people of different parts of the world, go out with my friends and walk around with my dog; I love Italian food and enjoy reality shows.
I hate studying English, the people who smokes and getting up early on week days and of course on weekends.
My dream is to graduate from law school and travel around the world, I want to learn how to speak German and French because they’re my favorite languages.
I really hate English, but I think is very important for me, because I have friends in many countries; I do understand English but I don’t speak it very well.